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A Festival of wine, food, and fun


  • Vintage Indiana requires background checks of all volunteers. Vintage Indiana is an extension activity of Purdue University. All volunteers are subject to a check of the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website, the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry, and/or any other national or state registry that may become available. Anyone appearing on one or more registries is prohibited from providing volunteer services to Purdue University.

All Information is Required and Must Be Correct - If it is not correct or we cannot contact you via phone or email you will not be included as a volunteer.

Station Descriptions

Wine Organization Tent

Get ready to sort all the wine! This station you will help customers pick up their wine to take home. You will be receiving wine and organizing them on tables for pick up.

Volunteer Tent

Get ready to greet your fellow volunteers. Here, you will help pass out t-shirts and name tags and escorting people to their stations.

Designated Driver Booth

Get ready to work at the soda station. Here you will be able to pass out soft drinks to those who purchased a Designated Driver ticket, and you will be selling soft drinks to those who wish to purchase them.

Entrance/Exit Gate

You are the face of the festival. Get ready to greet festival attendees as they enter through the gates. You will be able to check government IDs, hand out wine glasses, take tickets, hand out lanyards and much more!